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My introduction to Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Originally Published 8/13/15

Have been experiencing some very positive results after my first 10 hours in the mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber (MHOC). Here’s a recap for those of you that are interested…

Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provides a jumpstart of energy through increased oxygen in the blood plasma. More oxygen means improve blood flow which then allows the body to build new blood vessels, rebuilt cells, repair damage tissues, increase oxygenation and decrease swelling, pain and inflammation.

Hour 1
1st session in my temporarily personal mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber! 14th MHOC session of my life including 13 sessions this past May for a pressure sore on my toe. Previously there was visual positive change with the pressure sore and around the 10th hour I experienced a session where my nerve pain was nearly completely reduced for the first time in years. In an effort to reduce my nerve pain and spasticity more permanently I plan to spend 40 hours in the MHOC over the next month. First session was somewhat stressful as we are just learning to work with the chamber and we left the oxygen concentrator sitting on the foam piece that it was shipped on which overheated it pretty quickly. As I was starting to relax into the experience we had alarms sounding through the house. Lesson learned.

Hour 2
Body was in considerable discomfort and after coming up to pressure nerve pain subsided considerably and ramped back up to normal when depressurizing.

Hour 3
Pain and spasticity relief was considerable once under pressure and effects were longer-lasting after depressurization.

Hour 4
Body was in rough shape going in today and pain relief was noticeable but not as dramatic. Spasms and nerve pain came back with depressurization.

Hour 5
Went into the chamber feeling the best I have all week most likely due to just getting out of the shower. When pressurized body reached a state of complete calm. After getting out went straight into bed and body was completely exhausted. It felt like my body was in a calm enough state to start sorting itself out.

Hour 6
Got in the chamber first thing straight out of bed and my body was the most comfortable it has been in the morning this week. When depressurizing in the chamber my body seems to retain more of the comfort felt at pressurization. Time for a few days off.

Hour 7
I noticed today at work that my body was not building spasticity nearly as quickly throughout the day. My body felt really good in the chamber while at pressure and while I depressurizing and felt significantly better in the evening before bed!

Hours 8 & 9
During morning session after shower still noticing significant relief of nerve pain when chamber is pressurized and a reduction in the relief as chamber depressurizes. Did a second session in the afternoon experiencing the same reduction in pain and had more lasting effects into the evening.

Hour 10
Slept better and body felt calm in the a.m. and nerves felt noticeably better during the day. Also noticed that the pressure sore I’ve been dealing with on my arse is looking like it’s making the final push to heal. Had chamber session after work and body is experiencing consistent nerve pain reduction while the chamber is pressurized. Some days the nerve pain reduction lasts longer than others throughout depressurizing but today it seems to have somewhat stuck through the evening.

Overall very promising results I’ll let you know how the next 10 hours go! Huge thanks to Tabor View Health & Wellness for the access to the chamber!