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Xcellent Progress

Riley made a major turn for the better today it seems. After a gradual release from the stranglehold of the necessary drugs to deal with the immense pain his body was undergoing, that has turned in to healing power ,he snapped out of his delerium somewhat this afternoon. A doctor came along and laid out to him his condition which hit the boy pretty hard, but that visit was quickly followed by one from a couple of PT’s that did some work with him like moving him in to a sitting position resting on his own arms as much as possible, and they were impressed with his ability there. He is much more aware and to look at him you would not recognize the person that was in his place a week ago. He has color in his face and the Riley twinkle is showing again, albeit somewhat dimly, in his eyes.

We all took a break from the hospital while they bathed him and changed all the bedding and his smock etc.. We had a bit of a pow wow at the Daily Grind Cafe over soup and sandwiches as to where we are all headed with this. As you all know of utmost importance is to get Riley well on the road to recovery and rehab and this is just the first step along the way, and perhaps the fastest? Still no word yet on a departure time but as soon as we know of one we’ll post here.

I invite all of his friends and family to join Riley tonight in cheering on his buddies at Winter X competing in the Super Pipe comp. These young men/women and their sponsors representatives are all a big part of his life and ultimately will be a large part of his recovery via their direct support which will come full flood when they get done with their commitments over the rest of the skiing season. Their minds need to focus on this event and not worry at all about him so our support will help to prop that up. Hey it has been working for Riley, why not for X Games gold?


Kind of a funny story associated with this picture. We were all huddled up in front of the TV at our home in CB watching the Games when we saw Ri in the finish corral as pictured here. I picked up the phone and dialed his cell number and we could see him reach in to his pocket to get it and pull it out and say hello. Just something that I remember whenever I look at this picture.

Keep the calls and comments coming folks as you will. It helps not only us but yourselves to process this as something of a higher purpose rather than a tragedy that has stopped time. His and our lives continue and for that we give many thanks.