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The Light From Within D Wing

This afternoon I went outside the D wing and took a few pictures of the building. My intention was to post a visual for you to see where your energy, thoughts and prayers are going. As it turns out I had the wrong windows centered in the frame but when I located the correct ones they made themselves very obvious. Look at the right bank of windows and work your way up it to see if you can find them? Two different photo’s with the same results. From my perspective they are the 2 brightest windows in the whole building. Keep it coming.



Riley’s temp is still down at 99 deg. and is becoming more and more alert. As I said before the problem with that is that he starts wanting to communicate and flopping his arms around, which have plastic lobster claw looking devices on them to hold his hands open. Gently holding them down doesn’t always work however because of his strength and sometimes one gets away.

This afternoon they packed him up and took him down to get neck x rays. The results of which should be available later, so more then.

This just in:


Focus Simon, Focus.