Another Day

Well the results here from the sputum from his lung show signs of infection. They will adjust his antibiotics here in a bit and hopefully they will have a good effect on that as infection is not good and will keep us here until it is fully abated.

Ri is definitely communicative now and once again I wish i knew how to read lips. If he raises his head while talking it closes off the trach enough to allow speech to come out and this morning he wanted to know if the trach was necessary? I assured him it was and he accepted it. But my goal for today is to find someone that can read lips because it is like he has not only his immediate needs but also he was trying to find out if Nike was covered for the X games….I told him that Curtis had it covered and I showed him the picture of Simon that I posted on a recent blog and he gave a good sized grin. Tonight we’ll watch the half pipe from the hotel room perhaps so that he will see that all is going on without him and in fact awaiting his return.

Yesterday I tried an experiment to try and leave him alone a bit more because our being around makes him want to communicate with us and that ends in frustration on all counts. But we ended up finding that we still have to closely monitor his room by sitting quietly in the corner and getting the nurse for suctioning etc. if we can’t take care of his discomfort on our own. The folks here try hard but Ri is not the only person in SICU and others here are in need of assistance and there are only so many bodies to go around.

I keep saying how the outpouring of support for Ri and us has been overwhelming and much appreciated. Last night I got a call from a nice gentleman that lives here in Albany that is a retired State Policeman that was shot years ago and had spinal issues but is walking now. He heard of our plight via a quadraplegic from Montreal so we are going to discover a whole new world of support I feel from that sector and it will be much appreciated. Paul kept on talking about having a beer and I have to admit it sounds good to me.

Maria and Katrina are holding up well enough also. We all could use a little more rest but that will come with time. I am going to sign off here for a bit as I am nodding out at the keyboard..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz We are missing the pup who is not this size anymore for sure and is growing by the day without us in his life which is hard also. Soon Jasper, soon.