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Long Night

Due to the fact that they halved Ri’s sedation yesterday last night was not all that easy. The fact that he is becoming more and more aware of his surroundings is making him agitated and frustrated because he can’t communicate easily if at all. He tries to talk and can’t and we are not very good at reading lips. You can catch a few things but not enough to really get his point across. His eyes are bright however and you get the feeling that he knows his situation well enough, but therein lies the problem. While physically he has a long way to go it seems that mentally he has some distance to travel also to get himself used to the fact that he is very ill.

I looked at the x ray with the SICU doc around 2:30 for something to occupy my mind and the plate they put bridging c4-c6 looks really good. the spine is well aligned and staying that way. The other part of the x ray was his chest and comparing the latest to the one before it the doc said it looked better and you could see one area in particular that was more clear, however they still list the condition as persistent. Hopefully the continuing treatment the respiratory therapists apply via his trach tube every 4 hours that sends a loosening agent down there continues to work as it looks like it is doing now.

Remember that window from the last post? Well at about 2 a.m. I was sitting in the corner with my laptop looking at the freeskier website coverage of the X games,, and I heard a noise and felt a blast of cold air and one of those windows had blown open. I went to shut it and at the time I wondered how that could have happened because it is a cold and still night here. As I pondered it I could not find anything other than solace in this small event that I felt was nothing more than a surge of positive energy from somewhere or allwhere that made its way in to the room? Perhaps it was just the wind, if there was any.

Lack of sleep can play some serious mind games as we all know. I am not the world’s most spiritual person and when signs appear, l am not much better at interpreting them than I am at lip reading. However each instance out of the norm in the state I am in I find myself open to and release myself to it.

Once again we are all fortunate to have each other to get Riley through this difficult time. As soon as we know about the time of transfer we’ll post it here so be patient as there seems to be no set timetable for this adventure and we’ll all have to take it as it comes.

Going to get some rest, Maria is with him now and he finally made it in to a deep sleep at around 4 so hopefully that will last a bi

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