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Inauguration Day

The best rest yet last night which shows in his awareness this morning. His temperature is down to 99 which has spiked as high as 104 in the past week. The bronchotomy they performed yesterday afternoon seems to have worked very well getting the suptum clear of his lungs and allowing his breathing to become more natural. It is so good to see his eyes and know that they are fully recognizing the situation and we all can be so thankful that the extent of his injury did not go there.

It is still somewhat early here yet for any word on what lays ahead as far as the doctors are concerned. They have finished their early rounds and then they meet in the conference room and discuss not only Riley’s case but those of the others on the floor. I am not sure how many there are in SICU at any given time but I do know that the rooms are always full. For all that the operation there is very well run. About the only sticker is the night guard at the garage entrance after 9:00 can be a bit of a stickler for detail and every night I have been past him or one of his co workers and they always make it harder than it has to be. I have a collection of 9 stick on badges now on my nightstand. Here’s to not many more of those.

Time is moving on for us here. There is no set schedule as to when we sit with him it just kind of flows. This morning all 3 of us were hovering over him so I bailed because he doesn’t need that much stimulus right now. Early on I could spend 8 or 9 hours at a time in there but now it is reduced to 3 or 4 and 5 is pushing it. Time in the room has ranged from quiet to not quite chaos and now that the quiet times are overshadowing the less so it is much easier. But now that Ri is more aware he is trying hard to talk some and communicate but as he has the trach tube he can’t speak. We are working on a board that has symbols and letters ala The Diving Bell and the Butterfly because it is hard to see him get frustrated and he needs rest and lots of it.

Some of you may know that my old friend Jock Harvey had a serious head injury while skiing at Stratton on the Friday before Ri’s accident. He is here also up another couple of levels and doing much better than he was looking like he was doing before the weekend. Although the circumstances are all topsy turvy it is good to see him and spend some time with him remembering the old days like how we played whiffle ball down at the fire station and used 3 maple trees that were in line with each other with soaring crowns of ball catching branches for bases. It amused us for hours and hours. Simpler times.

There is alot of hope flowing today all over the country for the new administration. I wish I could transfer  some of that energy here to rm D326 along with 1% of the money being spent on the event. We will see how each situation turns out as time goes on and hopefully both are for the best. But for sure I am pulling for our son first and foremost as he works his way back to the top.


I can’t believe all the folks that are here checking in, some of whom we have not seen for way too many years. If any of you would like to chat a bit please feel free to call me at 3 6 0- 3 1 9- 9 8 9 0 or Maria @ 3 6 0 – 3 9 3 – 5 0 2 9. We can’t always answer due to restrictions of cell phone use in SICU but will get back when we can. You can also email direct to and

Will try to update later in the day after the doctors have their say. Peace out.