And the Fundraising Commences

Throughout the year we will be partnering with the NTAF in order to raise money for Riley to offset the cost incurred from the hospital stay, rehab, etc. Currently I have built a mini store – – where you can purchase Riley’s favorite hats and good mantra stickers items will start ship Feb. 1. Soon we will be doing auctions of a random assortment of goods donated from all his lovely friends. Including skis from Simon Dumont, skate decks from Tony Hawk and other random items so check back often in regards.

If you are old school feel free to send Riley your well-wishes at:

Riley Poor

PO BOX 4105

Boulder, co 80306

P.s. If anyone has any fundraising ideas please email me at

thanks for all the support we can feel the love and consequently Riley is doing amazing! Still lip reading and rejoicing after every slight wiggle of his toe or tingle on his arm, but, he is on his way.