bumps in the road

Hey everyone,  Riley here.  Found a 20min window in my day that I can use to check in with all you guys. These days for me attitude is everything I can not explain to you the importance of me keeping a good strong head on my shoulders but I would be lying to you if I told you that’s been an easy task. I have definitely made some major steps forward with my recovery but it hasn’t come easily or without a fair amount of bumps in the road.

After arriving at Craig our first hurdle was the pneumonia that was living inside of my lungs. Let me tell you, when you go through an experience like that you really learn to appreciate your lungs something I had majorly taken for granted up to that point. My next hurdle regarding my respiratory system was to get off the ventilator, which had been breathing for me since my accident.  I am happy to report I was able to attack that goal on my terms and I am now officially breathing on my own will 24/7 but not without the assistants of supplmental oxygen. The next major hurdle I came to at Craig started as a blood clot we found during an ultra sound in my lower right leg. By my next ultra sound a few days later we learned that it had rapidly spread up my right leg and in addition the clots had also formed in my left leg from ankle to thigh. This meant a few things firstly I went on a constant stream of blood thinners that I will likely have to stay on for 6 months to a year. Secondly my legs had to be immobilized both in therapies and in bed. A few days after learning about the clots my legs ballooned in size growing to proportions that scared the crap out of me after another slew of tests the doctors confirmed that I was not bleeding out which is a huge risk from the blood thinners but in fact I had edema which is the pooling of fluids in the skins tissues. Over the next few days I put on a about 40 pounds of water weight which once again complicated my therapies. I am once again happy to report that we have gotten that issue somewhat under control and although I still have clotting and edema in my legs I look a whole lot less like the marshmallow man. My next hurdle seems to be getting my blood counts under control, which is something I have been battling all along. I already had a blood transfusion and iron IV drips both of which can really take a toll on your system, as I found out yesterday. I was completely wiped out by a test dose of iron.

I guess in saying all this I just mean to relay to those of you who care that even though my spirits are high on a daily basis this hasn’t been nor will not be a walk in the park. Please keep your positive energy flowing my way as it’s truly the most powerful medicine that I can use to heal.