At Home at Last +

I want to start by thanking everyone for their outpouring of support. Katrina has been my everything through this–without her I would probably not be here to write this. I want to thank the Albany medical staff–I will have you in my thoughts every day. I want to thank my parents for their everlasting love and my brother for taking an adventure. It just wouldn’t be right to not have one of us on an adventure–I dreamt about the day you teach me how to surf. I want to thank the Starr brothers for their continued support, Brendan thank you for being there for Katrina. Jamie you’re the man thank you.  I also want to thank Justine & Steele, I feel your love everyday. Luke your prayer I remember well and it will be protecting me everyday. Jake and Simon I miss you guys everyday and Jake thanks for picking up my slack–you’re going to make a great camera guy. I want to thank everyone at Powder – I will never forget that night of the awards; and Freeskier, for always supporting everything I do. The ski community is like a family to me and I will be there for any one of you in the future. I want to send my congratulations to everyone at Poor Boyz – we had a goal and we accomplished it. Cody thank you for putting me up this summer, I can’t wait to work closely with you for the rest of our careers. TJ, Rory, Sarah, JT, Tom D., Curtis, Dave, Johnny,Tyler, Micheal, Simon, and Luke thank you for your visit it was so good to see all of you.

Moving forward, my biggest concern is getting my body back on a good schedule so I apologize if you’ve come to visit and not been able to see me. It looks like with my intensive rehab schedule that weekends will be the best time for visitors, and it sounds like I will be able to talk again next week. So it will be allot easier to see all of you. There are a million more people that I wanted to thank but I need to take it easy on my lip reader!  I want to sign off letting you all know that I am going to make it through this a stronger man. I found out today that an old friend who has been there since the begining of my career was here at the hospital and they have a nicest edit suite that I have ever seen so I will be ready to work soon.

love Riley & Tinka

(translated by Katrina – not an english major (lip reader))

P.S. if you would like to visit Riley please email Katrina at first in order to confirm it will not interfere with physical therapy.   Visitors will be allowed only on weekends. Thank you all for your understanding.