1 month

The last month of my life could never have been expected or prepared for by any of the parties involved. The exhaustion brought by the last month’s events have brought to both me, my family, and the love of my life Katrina has been significant, and we are all in need of a little rest and relaxation. Yesterday, I made a huge step by going off the ventilator and now I can proudly say that each breath I take throughout the day is by my own will and strength. An added bonus is that I have my voice back and can now communicate much better with the caregivers that surround me. Even more importantly, it means that I don’t necessarily need the watchful loving eyes of my girlfriend and my mother through all hours of the day and night. Hopefully the next week will bring both my family, my love, and myself a healthy dose of that much needed rest.

As far as my recovery goes, I couldn’t be happier – I make great progress every day and I wake up each morning looking forward to what the day will bring. Throughout all of this, I have realized how important meditation will be and I’ve been able to develop some pretty effective ways of going inward. From now on, I will be the author of this blog as I feel it’s important these messages and updates come from me. I want to say a huge thanks to my father and all the other contributors for keeping my community involved and up to date over the last month.

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for their overwhelming support and contributions to my recovery fund, and want everyone to know that once I am able to communicate with the technology at my finger tips you will all receive a much more personalized update.

love riley